Bylaws of the
Philadelphia Area Rocketry Association (PARA)

Article 1 - NAME
The name of this organization shall be the Philadelphia Area Rocketry Association. (PARA)

Article 2 – PURPOSE
The Philadelphia Area Rocketry Association shall have as its purpose the promotion and development of sport and competition model rocketry, and furtherance of the aims and policies of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). This organization shall be maintained as a chartered section of the NAR.

Article 3 – MEMBERSHIP
The membership of the Philadelphia Area Rocketry Association shall include, but is not restricted to, those persons residing in the area broadly described as the “greater Philadelphia area”. Interested persons residing outside of this area are also welcome.

Article 4 – MEETINGS
The Philadelphia Area Rocketry Association shall hold quarterly meetings at a time and place made known to all club members. Most business, discussions, and transmittal of information to members can be conducted through email.

The principle officers of the club shall form the Leadership Board. The membership of the leadership board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Administrator, Secretary, Treasurer, and Web-Page Editor. These individuals shall be at least 18 years of age. These individuals shall be jointly responsible for the normal operations of the club. Responsibilities of the Leadership Board include but are not limited to: Maintaining NAR charter, maintaining appropriate FAA waiver(s), adherence to NAR safety codes, applicable laws and general conduct rules, LCO/RSO duty at launches, maintaining, storage and transport of launch equipment, maintaining membership records, maintaining website, maintaining club monies and meeting financial obligations, educational outreach, and maintaining site-owner relations.

The terms of all officers of the Leadership board shall be for 1year beginning January 1st and ending December 31st. Nominations of officers shall take place in September. Current officers are automatically nominated unless they are unable to serve in the next term. Election of any contested officer positions will take place at the October launch with ballots being accepted by email. Only Adult, current members may cast a ballot. General membership will be notified of elected officers via email. The elected officer’s terms shall start the following calendar year. Any vacating office holder shall provide necessary information and resources to their successor to ensure the smooth continuance of club functions. Officers can be removed for cause by majority vote of the other members of the leadership board.

Article 7 – LAUNCHES
Club launches shall be held on a monthly basis, weather permitting. The time and date of all launches and rain dates shall be made known to the general membership via email and the general public via the webpage. All persons flying rockets at these launches must be members of PARA. Membership dues are due at the beginning of each calendar year and launch fees are due at the time of monthly launch. All launches are to be made in adherence to NAR safety codes and applicable regulations. All rockets must be submitted to the RSO for safety inspection prior to launchpad assignment. The RSO has final say on which rockets will be permitted to be launched.

Any member that violates the range rules or engages in misconduct at a launch or other function of the club will be asked to leave. Grievous or repeated misconduct can result in membership being revoked by majority vote of the Leadership Board. Membership dues and launch fees are non-refundable.

Article 9 – REVISION of BYLAWS
Existing Bylaws shall be made known on the club website. Any member of the Leadership Board may propose a revision to the existing bylaws. Proposed revisions shall be submitted to the other officers of the board for consideration and comment. The members of the Leadership Board shall provide feedback as to concurrence or disagreement with the proposed changes. If no disagreement is made, the changes are to be communicated to the Web-page editor by the President. If disagreement is raised, then the leadership board is to engage the issue to resolve the disagreement until resolution. Dates of last revision to bylaws shall be listed on the club website.

[Revised 09/10/14]