Directions to Launch Site

The PARA flight field is located at Hallowell farm, approximately 9 miles north of Doylestown PA on Route 611. The entrance to the farm is just north of the intersection of Route 611 and Route 113. Enter here and follow the road to the right, around the barn. Once around the barn, follow the path around the wood pile. (Sometimes you can take the route through the wood pile, but watch for mud!) The road (unpaved) will bear to the right. After a few hundred feet you will be able to see where we are set up. If the corn is high, it may appear there is no launch in progress till you encounter the launch area.

The address of the property is 7554 Easton Road, Ottsville, PA 18942.
Please drive only on the farm roads. DO NOT drive on anything green unless directed to.

We will be launching in a corn field. As it gets later in the growing season you may want to put a beeper on your rockets to help find them in the higher crops. It's probably a good idea to wear rugged shoes or boots and long pants. There are no rest room facilities on the property but there are plenty of trees, so plan ahead! Anything you may need you'll have to bring with you, including water.


You will be provided with flight cards which must be filled out before each flight to help us record the days launches. If you would like to save some time at the launch, you can download the flight cards as a PDF file. This will help us with preflight inspections, maintaining as high a level of safety as possible for you. All rockets must undergo a safety inspection prior to being loaded on the launch pad. If your launch card is not signed off by the RSO, the LCO will not launch it.