1. Follow NRA and TRA safety codes at all times.

2. We are guests on Jim Hallowell’s property and he, his family, and property will be respected at all times by members. There is no parking on planted areas at any time.

3. PARA launches are family events with children participating. Members will refrain from using foul language, arguing, or fighting. Members will treat one another with courtesy and respect.

4. There is no consumption of alcoholic beverages permitted at PARA launches. Members and guests are not to be under the influence of alcohol/medication during PARA launches.

5. There is no smoking in the prep area. Do not discard cigarette butts on the property; bring a container and take your butts home with you. Remember this is not our property.

6. All rockets flown must be submitted to RSO (Range Safety Officer) for safety inspection prior to launch.

7. Do not insert igniters in the motors until your rocket is on the launch pad. Tape your igniter to the side of your rocket with masking tape when presenting it to the RSO for inspection.

8. The RSO has final say on which rockets get launched.

9. There are many wires in the launch area, so please watch where you are walking and absolutely no running in the launch area.

10. Do not venture past the launchline into the launch area until the all clear has been given by the LCO (Launch Control Officer) or RSO.

11. In the event of a misfire, wait 60 seconds before approaching the rocket.

12. Please discard used igniters/plugs in the coffee can in the launch area. Remember this is not our property and we need to keep it clean.

13. Do not attempt to climb a tree to recover your rocket. The club has poles up to 30 feet in length for retrieving rockets from trees. We have all lost rockets in the trees and it is unfortunately an accepted occurrence in rocketry.

14. Please mind yourself and children when recovering rockets in the corn. Corn leaves can be sharp and cut your skin. Children can get lost in a cornfield. The use of audio locators is useful for finding your rockets in the corn.

15. Please take a cell phone if you are going into the wooded areas to retrieve a rocket. Have the LCO/RSO number and keep in touch. We recommend a buddy system to avoid getting lost.

16. If there is a medical or other emergency, do not panic. There are emergency numbers and hospital directions at the LCO/RSO table.

RESTRICTIONS: High power rockets have a 1500 foot launch pad distance requirement in the safety code that we are unable to meet. We are bound to the 160 to 320 Newton-second total impulse limit. Rockets can not weigh more that 53 ounces (3lbs, 5oz) with the motor(s) installed. They can not contain more than 125 grams (4.4oz) of rocket propellant. A single motor can not have more than 80 Newtons of Average Thrust. This limits us to a G80 motor. We can launch a rocket with a 2G cluster or 4F cluster as long as it does not violate the above restrictions.